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CrossFit Folsom Lake is a passionate community of individuals who believe fitness is about results, working out shouldn’t waste your time, and that life is too short to not have fun!


Competition, teamwork, success, and failure are what drive me. High school and collegiate sports provided me with these motivations for 8 years but upon being thrust into the real world they were lost. For over a year I was [Read More]


Crossfit to me in one word is empowerment. More than ever before, I feel empowered to challenge my body and to keep getting stronger. My competitive nature and determination keeps me hungry, [Read More]

Jenny F.

Joining CrossFit Folsom Lake has completely changed my life. My relationship with food is completely different and healthy. [Read More]

Michelle & Tom

Jason and Shauna have transformed our family, internally and externally in a competitive, fun, family enviornment that we love! [Read More]


To put my story in easy to understand numbers, 50 lbs of weight and 75 lbs of fat gone. I have seen a complete turnaround in all of those ugly numbers your doctor warns you about and I am excited about every day that I walk into the gym. [Read More]

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    Starting something new or getting back after being away can be a challenging task. We know what it feels like. We are here to help. Are you ready to put in the work? Start here.

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    Unsure if you want to make the commitment? We’ve got you covered with our Free Intro offer. You can try before you buy and decide if this will make the difference you want to see. Schedule your Free Intro workout.

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    Looking for something specific? We probably have you covered. Other services that you might be interested in is One on One training, Individualized Programming, and Food Discussions. Contact us to discuss these services.


    We have a variety of membership options:

    3x a week, Unlimited, Yoga, Military/Family/First Responder rates.

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2015 Regionals is underway and our very own David starts competition today! The hardest part is done and now it’s time to go have some fun! Three days of competition can be filled with so many different emotions but in [more]
Sign up for the fund raiser! And it is now official. Ashley, Kaitlyn, and David are all headed to their respective Regionals as individual athletes. For those of you who are not part of the gym, David headed off to [more]
On Monday, 3/30 at 5 pm PST, the 2015 CrossFit Open officially ended. What a fun 5 weeks!  There were many PRs, many tears, many tough moments, and many amazing feats.  Here are a few highlights: -       Some of our athletes competed for the [more]

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CFFL is a community based, strength-biased CrossFit gym. Everyone helps each other out as this community believes it is a group effort to get everyone to their goals. About Us

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We work together to accomplish our fitness goals. We grow stronger. We become smarter. We kick ass. You can too. Start Today

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Showing up. Every week. No matter what. Together. We look forward to seeing you reach your goals. Schedule & Fees


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