Fitness for everyone. The ultimate fitness program to help you get to your goals. Functional fitness that allows you to do the things you want to do outside the gym…and you’ll look amazing.





Kickstart Fitness Challenge

An entry point for those wanting the maximum benefit of our coaches to get you moving. Our six week class to give you all the tools you need to be successful in your fitness pursuit.


Athlete Consults

Are you ready for your 5k or marathon? Want to know if you are ready for boot camp or CrossFit? Want to know exactly what your body fat is and WHERE it is? This is for you.


  • Shauna "Souther" Jared
  • Jason Jared
  • Krissy Ard
  • Marcie Nugent
  • Scott Freeborn
  • Louie Moreno
  • Jared Alexander
  • Tricia Brandes


Blandine Johnson
Blandine Johnson

"The workouts are always challenging and the people whom you workout with make it fun! I'm in the best shape of my life thanks to the motivating and experienced coaching staff! I love CrossFit and my CFFL family! Thanks Jason Jared & Shauna Souther Jared!"

Zarrin Marouk
Zarrin Marouk

"5 star - I have been a member with CrossFit Folsom Lake for over two years now and I can honestly say that I am in the best shape of my life. I have always been active but since joining CrossFit Folsom Lake my whole outlook on life has changed. It is my lifestyle now to be the most healthy and fit person that I can be. I have learned to be more conscious of what I eat and how I train. CrossFit is one of the best things that has happened to me."

Nicole Smedberg Plaza
Nicole Smedberg Plaza

"5 star - CrossFit Folsom lake is a magical place where you can not only get fit but become part of a family of amazing people!"

Dawn Buschmann Knoll
Dawn Buschmann Knoll

"5 star - Love love this place! More like a big family. Motivational and inspirational!"

Tara Coyle
Tara Coyle

"5 star - I love CFFL! Great coaches and everyone is so friendly!"

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Where to start?

Sign up for our next new member Kickstart Fitness Challenge! For those of you who are new (or those who have forgotten), our ultimate goal here at Folsom Lake is to give you a new way of thinking about YOUR health.  This will encompass basically three different elements. “I don’t […]

by jason Nov 28, 2015 0

Sweat is coming…

As a coaching staff, we have talked to a lot of people and identified a crucial need in the fitness community. No one does coaching like CrossFit. No one does community like Folsom Lake. We’ve decided to take the ideals of the more movement oriented classes and combine it with […]

by jason Oct 6, 2015 0


We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from our switch to a more leveled style of programming.  During that feedback, people want to know more about how things work…so here is a little bit of that.  I am of the opinion that everyone needs to ‘train’.  This differs from ‘working […]

by jason Jul 30, 2015 0

David’s Regionals Starts Today!

2015 Regionals is underway and our very own David starts competition today! The hardest part is done and now it’s time to go have some fun! Three days of competition can be filled with so many different emotions but in the end you walk away with experiences you will never […]

by jason May 15, 2015 0

Regionals Fundraiser WOD!

Sign up for the fund raiser! And it is now official. Ashley, Kaitlyn, and David are all headed to their respective Regionals as individual athletes. For those of you who are not part of the gym, David headed off to school at University Nevada, Reno in January. Prior to qualifying […]

by jason Apr 21, 2015 0

FNL Wrap Up

On Monday, 3/30 at 5 pm PST, the 2015 CrossFit Open officially ended. What a fun 5 weeks!  There were many PRs, many tears, many tough moments, and many amazing feats.  Here are a few highlights: –       Some of our athletes competed for the first time! –       Many PR’d their […]

by jason Apr 1, 2015 0

15.2 Heat Times

  HEAT 1 – 5:30-5:50   Peter Jared Shane Will Brandon Mike HEAT 2 – 5:55-6:15   Sarah Jenny Lisa Jody Alyson Alison Shauna HEAT 3 – 6:20-6:40   Randy Jason H Anthony Sky Ayv Scot HEAT 4 – 6:45-7:05   Ashley R Jenn D Alyssa Nicole Emily R Meghan […]

by jason Mar 6, 2015 0

Friday Night Lights 15.1 Heat Times

All right folks!  Here we go!  The 2015 Games Season is on us and the very first (of hopefully many) Friday Night Lights competitions is going to hit tonight!  Before we get to the heat times there are a couple of things I want to mention… Judging.  Please please be […]

by jason Feb 27, 2015 0

FNL Rosters!

The week is upon us and some of you are asking…what in the world did I sign myself up for??? I will tell you, you just committed to 5 weeks of awesomeness!!! I don’t care if you are planning to get married this Friday, change it, this will be more […]

by jason Feb 24, 2015 0

Still Not Sure About Friday Night Lights… Here’s a Little More Info…

Friday Night Lights 2015 What is it? This is a member only event with 5 workouts and 5 weeks of team competition. Every week, we will complete each Open workout in a competition like setting in our gym.   You will complete the workout as an individual but your points will […]

by jason Feb 5, 2015 0

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