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Fat Fighter 2014

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Fat Fighter 2014

jason Jan 27, 2014 0 322

Bring on Fat Fighter 2014!

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Here it is folks. Our answer to you meeting your goals in 2014. We want to see you getting better. No matter what level athlete you are, this will help you! If you are Foundations, we really want to see you in this! Here’s what we are going to do.

The official start date will be Feb 21, 2014. See below.

8 Week challenge!
Body fat testing before and after!
Three nutrition seminars (before, mid, and the after ‘what now’)!
Strength Classes 2x a week!
Baseline and ending performance tests!
No food tracker!

We want to see you a stronger, faster, leaner version of yourself. Here’s how we are going to do it. We’re purposely including the CrossFit Open right in the middle of this. We are going to ride that competitive wave, which will come out, I can assure you. And yes, we also purposely waited til your New Year’s Resolutions could be sputtering. We’re good like that. This is your next motivation. You’re welcome.

Step One – Nutrition Seminars with Jason
All dates are Monday nights at 7:30p
First class – Feb 17

If you have never been to a nutrition chat with me, it might not be what you think. If you have been before, I’m going to add more material. You see, fueling athletes is a constantly evolving process. And you’re an athlete. What has happened in the past is people are starving themselves rather than ‘take a point’ for bad food. We are going to talk quantity, quality, and supplements. And yes, I’m going to adjust some of my previous views slightly. I don’t think you should be penalized for needing some help in the form of supps. I don’t think a lot of you are eating nearly enough. So, let’s chat about it. Let’s be real and let’s start a lifestyle you can live with. (I’m not changing my stance on wheat gluten, just to be clear.) Let’s chat about where you are and what you really can do based on effort, time, and budget and make the changes.

Step Two – Performance Testing
Feb 21 during all classes.
This is not a cardio only based event. Increasing your percentage of lean body mass ultimately will make you look and feel better. That happens by lifting heavy shit. It does not happen by beating yourself into the ground daily. If you are a part of this gym and still buy into the ‘women get bulky’ hype, you and I need to have a chat. That will happen here if it needs to. People come in all shapes and sizes. Very few women have that ability, I can assure you. I’ve seen a total of two of the thousand that have been through these doors. You are not one of them. Ultimately, strong women are sexy and look better naked. They are stronger physically which means stronger mentally. And confidence is sexy. Male or female, do you want to be more sexy? Thought so… 

Power test :
1 rep max Front Squat increase percentage (intermediate)
3 rep max dumbbell squats (foundations)

Aeorbic test:
 AMRAP 15m

4 burpee box jump overs (24/20)
10 kbs (32/24) intermediate (24/16) Foundations
100m run

Step Three – Body Fat Analysis
Feb 21. You must sign up, however this is part of your entry fee. Just add your name to the sold out list. Our guy has agreed to stay until everyone on the list is tested.

I know this is super scary sounding for a lot of you. The reality is, you need to know this information. Think of it like a blood test for fitness. It hurts less, doesn’t require a cotton swab or that horrible smell, and gives you a ton more useful information. (Signing up and going with the program is all you have to do to see it improve.)

Step Four – Strength Class
Every Wednesday at 7:30p and Saturday at 8:30a
First class – Feb 26

For everyone who signs up, David and I are going to teach a pure strength class on Wednesday nights at 730p and Saturday mornings at 830a. Expect to have some fun.

Sixteen total sessions, included in the sign up cost. You’re going to breathe hard, it’s going to hurt, and it’s going to work.

Step Five – Halfway Nutrition Check In
Monday, March 24 at 730p

I will set up another Q&A session four weeks in. By then, you should be seeing some results, having some questions, may need to adjust something that isn’t working, either physically or mentally. This will be more geared towards questions instead of an informational session.

Final results – Body Fat and Performance
April 19, SATURDAY (last strength class)

At the end of the eight weeks, we are going to re-test. Same workouts, same body fat testing guy. We are doing this on Saturday to give you a full 16 sessions.

Later on that night, an awards ceremony, adult beverages, and an introduction to a sustainable lifestyle. Pictures!

Lastly – Follow up nutrition.
April 28, Monday at 7:30p

The week following our awards, we’re going to sit down again, group style, question and answer session. You’ve had eight weeks to tinker, one week to live real life. Let’s talk about where you all are at, what you want to do going forward and what is ultimately going to keep you on the path.

Let’s do this folks. I’m excited. By the time this is over, it’ll be too hot to hide in sweater and long pants with unshaven legs. You women might need to shave too. Let’s make sure you’re ready to buy a new wardrobe for spring!

But wait…what does it cost? Let’s see here…

Two body fat test ($80)
Three hours (at least) of nutrition talk ($75)
2x a week strength class for two months ($300)
Chance to win prizes (Up to you)
Settling in to a life style (Tell me when you are fit at 70 years old.)

Total cost of the challenge : $145


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